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Thank you & Welcome!

Summer has gone by really fast and at BYT, we are saying farewell to our summer associate, Ivy Zeng, and welcoming our new fall analyst, Zoey Lin! Zoey recently graduated from Boston University with a master degree in data analytics. As a volunteer, she will be helping us with various projects, including our website, and identifying more minority entrepreneurs in the Greater Boston area.

Ivy has been with us the last few months, helping us with the due diligence process and market research. Thank you for a productive summer, and even though we weren't physically in the office we’ll miss seeing your face!


Hear from Ivy directly about her experience this summer:


I learned that the focus is not just about investing in startups for profit but also about leaving a positive impact on the world. BYT's mission to seek to support minority entrepreneurs such as women, people of color and college students who are struggling with funding caught my attention as something significant to become a part of.


My time at BYT also provided the opportunity to learn how much market research and due diligence are required in order to assess potential risk in any investment. I have a better understanding of the significance of researching a startup organization’s mission and vision, their team, the service/product they’re selling, and their exit plan.

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